Monday, April 8, 2019

Simon Leung Defamation Case: Comments On "Social Online Posts" (Video)

Simon Leung Defamation Case: Comments On "Social Online Posts" (Video)

In this third and hopefully final installment of the Simon Leung Defamation Case video series (at least that is the intended plan at the time of this writing), Simon Leung finally addresses the personal attacks that came from the social and online accounts of the actual defamer.

Yes, believe it or not, the defamer actually posted defamatory remarks not only anonymously, but also under personal and business accounts owned by the defamer of Simon Leung.

Whether unaware of defamation laws or oblivious to legal consequences as a result of this unlawful activities, the defamatory remarks are undoubtedly damaging in nature, and Simon Leung has been left with no choice but to address these illegal efforts to tarnish his character, reputation and business.

True to his nature as a professional mentor, Simon Leung reveals that he is creating these videos in lieu of moving straight ahead towards legal proceedings as a "sincerity card" to educate his defamer on the laws being broken, and even giving his attacker the chance to "do the right thing" (all of which are explained in the video below).

However, given the limited action his defamer has taken since the previous videos had been published, Simon Leung also has no confidence in the attacker that the right course of action would be executed in the proper manner.

You can access the full part three episode of the Simon Leung Defamation Case here.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Simon Leung Defamation Case (Video Series) - YouTube Playlist

Simon Leung Defamation Case by Simon Leung is starting to gain traction, not only from those who are talking about it, but also because Simon Leung himself has been quite active in releasing content about it.

Whether Simon Leung is posting on his Internet Marketing Power Blog, Facebook or YouTube, the remarkable thing is that Simon Leung has been able to maintain a professional and mature method of communication while confronting the attacks that had never returned the favor.

The differences in how the two situations have been handled only serves to demonstrate the professionalism displayed by Simon Leung, and further attests as to the evidence behind the authenticity behind Simon Leung's testimony.

As this Simon Leung Defamation Case is still a developing story, more public announcements will be expected from Simon Leung as the situation progresses.

To keep up to date on the latest news, announcements and developments, as well as more videos from Simon Leung, stay tuned for updates right here.

In the meantime, access to the complete YouTube Playlist of the Simon Leung Defamation Case Video Series by Simon Leung can be viewed in its entirety below (new videos will be automatically updated upon new uploads from Simon Leung).


Simon Leung Defamation Case: Reaction To "The Video" (Video)

Simon Leung Defamation Case: Reaction To "The Video" (Video)

In this second installment of the Simon Leung Defamation Case series, Simon Leung talks about "the video" that has been the center of attention in the many online defamatory attacks against him.

For those who are unaware, "the video" was created with an illegally secret recorded conversation between Simon Leung and his attacker in the presence of their families, which has since been tampered and edited in an effort to take the content of the conversation out of context, and along with text narration from the attacker in both the video as well as its methods of share, modified a one-sided fictional story of the actual occurrence.

To clarify the truthful situation, Simon Leung uses common sense, logic and evidence to dispel the false accusations of his attacker, including many points of defense that, when rectified, any viewer would be able to sensefully decipher the logical truth behind Simon Leung's explanation.

You can watch the full video from Simon Leung here (Viewer discretion is advised).

Monday, March 18, 2019

Simon Leung Defamation Case: Response To "Scam Review Sites" (Video)

Simon Leung Defamation Case: Response To "Scam Review Sites" (Video)

For those who have witnessed the illegal online defamation of Simon Leung, you will notice that there have been two kinds of defamatory attacks.

The first kind are the fake scam sites under an anonymous alias, while the second kind comes straight from the attacker himself.

As we have already established that we will not be revealing the identity of said attacker in this blog, the fact remains that the actions of the attacker committed against Simon Leung and his company, team and family are confirmed to be illegal and criminal.

Those who would like to scrutinize this defamation case on a larger scale can begin by understanding the evidence that these scam sites are indeed fake.

You can watch the response to the scam review sites directly from Simon Leung here.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Simon Leung Defamation Case - The Truth Revealed Regarding Fake Scam Sites, False Accusations & Illegal Allegations

Simon Leung Defamation Case

This blog is created to help explain the truth about the "Simon Leung scam review sites" that have been attracting attention as of late.

While the identity of the attacker behind these scam sites is known, this blog will not be revealing this information, as not only do we want to protect ourselves morally and ethically, but we shall not strive to commit the same illegal offenses as those of the attacker.

Please note that because these fake scam sites have been gaining more traction recently, the impact of these illegally created properties have been bigger, meaning that unfortunately, if no steps are taken by Simon Leung's attacker to remedy this situation, no choice would be available other than to take further action.

For the information of whomever this may concern, the fake scam sites are proven to be untrue, created with malicious intent, and violate the Defamation Act of 1957.

As a result, if no remedial action is taken, the attacker shall bare full responsibility for all past, present and future damages for as long as the illegally created content remains online.

Those who are closely associated with this case and have been directly or indirectly impacted may apply to contribute towards the resolution of this Defamation Case here.